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from Wave Says

S E L E C T E D   O N L I N E 

    "Wave Says" & "it seemed half a life to find / a shore,"


    "bright eyes, fire boys" The Scores (UK)

    6 poems, A Dozen Nothing

    “March” & “Each Piece Bigger,” Matter, Summer 2016

S E L E C T E D   P R I N T

    “In a Time of (Prayer)” & “Through the Hallway at Night I,”

Spoon River Poetry Review, Fall 2018

    “Fate-Like” & “Nocturne By the Sea,” Colorado Review, Summer 2018

    “Landscape,” Third Coast, Winter 2017

    “This is Our Music,” Poetry Northwest, Fall 2017

    “us use all parts the bone,” Berkeley Poetry Review, Summer 2017

    “The Whiteness of the Sink,” cream city review, Spring 2017 

from SHELTER, a domestic story 

S E L E C T E D   P R I N T 


"A Movable Bed" & "Tent City," Black Warrior Review, Fall 2018

"from A Movable Bed," Bone Bouquet, Winter 2020 

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